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Unlock limitless development opportunities with a hassle-free monthly
subscription. Just share your designs, submit unlimited development requests,
and watch as we transform your vision into reality.

Mission Statement

About Us

We believe in democratizing technology, making AI accessible to everyone, not just large corporations with ample resources. Our commitment to accessibility extends to all aspects of our services, from SAAS development to AI solutions and beyond.

Leave behind the complexities of developer vetting and the uncertainties of outsourcing. Twined offers a straightforward monthly subscription, replacing traditional developers and costly agencies. Ideal for startups and businesses, welcome to the future of AI, Software, and Automation Development.

Reduce Costs

Minimize unnecessary expenses associated with hiring expensive or unqualified developers. Let us focus on high ROI development tasks while you concentrate on your business.

Increase Speed

Streamline project cycles and reduce delays, accelerating your development process by up to 4x.

Quality Control

Ensure impeccable development quality by minimizing miscommunication and inconsistencies through effective project management.

For Businesses

Transform your business operations with bespoke solutions tailored to your unique needs. Harness the power of AI and No Code to revolutionize your workflows,
from custom tools to task automation.

Tailored Dashboards
Internal Tools
AI-Enhanced Chatbots
Customer Service, Support, Lead Gen, training etc.
Seamless Integration with
Existing Platforms

For Development

Ready to bring your software vision to life?
Traditional coding can be sluggish and resource-intensive.
Twined leverages no-code development, enabling rapid MVP development at a fraction of the traditional
cost and time.

Rapid MVP Prototyping
From Concept to
Fully-Functional Software
Accelerated Development Timelines
No code and low code tools

How it Works

Bid farewell to the lengthy onboarding processes of traditional agencies. Simply subscribe, provide your project details, and watch as we set up and deliver your first task within 72 hours.

Schedule a
Discovery Call
Subscribe & Input Your Project Details
Define Your Project Tasks
Request Unlimited Revisions
Monitor and Manage Your Progress

What Sets Us Apart

We've redefined software development, making it accessible, efficient, and cost-effective. Experience the accelerated pace of No Code development, achieving up to 5x faster project completion, with your first task completed within 72 hours.

We employ a no-code approach,
making development faster and more cost-effective.
We offer unlimited development
requests for unparalleled flexibility.
We make cutting-edge technology
accessible to businesses of all sizes.
We customize our services to
meet the unique needs of each client

Seamless Integration with Your Existing Toolsets

Tailored AI solutions designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure. We understand the unique needs of every business and craft solutions that perfectly align with your organizational goals

Exclusive  Features

Crafting outstanding software products requires meticulous planning and execution. Explore our structured product development stages for a smooth journey towards success.

SAAS Development

Develop your software application MVP faster than ever. Speed is your friend.

Artificial Intelligence

Develop Simple to Advanced Al Applications using Large Language Models.

Business Management

Develop your own custom internal business management application

Custom CRM Systems

Develop CRM systems for your business tailored specifically to your clients. No More 3rd Party Apps.

Custom Al Chatbots

Build custom knowledge based Al chatbot systems that can be applied with a variety of use cases

App Design (UI/UX)

Design beautiful UI/UX wireframes for your software application and branding assets

Custom Websites

Create a unique and visually appealing website tailored to your brand.

Workflow Automation

Streamline your business processes by automating repetitive tasks and workflows with Al.

Chrome Extensions

Develop simple to advanced chrome extensions that can connect to your app or standalone.

API Integrations

We'll help you integrate your software or system with almost any 3rd party application.

Web3 Development

Build on the blockchain using our web3 developers for smart contracts, token-gating, and more.

Software Maintenance

Let us take care of your Software upkeep, from bugs to changes, or even additional features.

Development Journey

Crafting outstanding software products requires meticulous planning and execution. Explore our structured product development stages for a smooth journey towards success.


Begin your development journey by scheduling a discovery call with Twined. This is where we'll discuss your business goals.

Design & Iteration:

Our expert designers will transform your ideas into visual concepts through wireframing and prototyping. We'll create mockups and prototypes to illustrate the look and feel of your solution

Development & Delivery

With the finalized designs in hand our developers will begin working on your tasks. We'll break down the development process into actionable tasks and set up weekly sprints for progress tracking.