Embracing Digital Innovation in Dentistry With
AI solutions

Imagine a world where your dental practice leverages cutting-edge technology seamlessly. With Twined, this vision becomes reality without any stress. Our flexible plans allow you to bring any software idea to life, request countless iterations, and watch as your custom dental management software transforms your practice. Start digitizing your dental services today!

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AI myths

Many cosmetic dentists assume AI solutions are too complex or irrelevant to their specific needs. We counter these misconceptions by offering accessible, customized AI tools that integrate effortlessly into your practices operations.

Seamless integration into pre existing setup
Fast turnaround time
Ongoing client support
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Your problems solved
by our solutions

Are you tired of inefficient processes, high operational costs, and lackluster customer service? You're not alone. Many of our clients faced similar challenges before finding success with our customised AI solutions.


Support, onboarding and training chatbots, custom built and trained on your information


Client delivery workflows, lead generation processes, and lead management systems.


We craft tailored workflows that mesh seamlessly with your sales process and business operations.

Custom Platforms

Our adept developers create limitless custom platforms suited for client needs.

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We effortlessly develop and deploy your AI solutions

Concerns regarding the challenges of implementation, expenses, and clear ROI are frequently raised. At Twined, we tackle these issues directly, guaranteeing that our solutions are affordable, simple to implement, and yield quantifiable outcomes.

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Revolutionary solutions, straightforward monthly payments

Our monthly fees cover all strategy, consulting, development, and integration. Acting as AI partners, we craft systems tailored to address your specific challenges and objectives.

Customer Service

Enhance patient loyalty and establish greater trust. Our team delivers AI-powered solutions tailored for cosmetic dentistry, ensuring your practice offers seamless, efficient patient service around the clock

Sales Systems

We assist cosmetic dentists in creating AI-driven sales systems that boost revenue and save valuable staff time, optimizing patient engagement and practice efficiency.

Lead Management

We create intelligent agents that function within platforms like WhatsApp and email, tailored to help your practice efficiently qualify leads and streamline patient inquiries.

Lead Generation

From constructing AI-enhanced outreach systems to creating targeted content, we help dental practices dramatically boost their lead generation and patient engagement.

Team Management

We develop solutions focused on staff training and team management, enhancing efficiency across all aspects of your practice.

Client Management

We construct client management systems for cosmetic dental practices, ranging from onboarding agents to digital replicas of your top trainers, optimizing every step of patient interaction.

And so much more!

Our Tailored Approach

Exploration & Consultation

From building AI fuelled outreach systems to content creation, we help our clients supercharge their lead generation.


From building AI fuelled outreach systems to content creation, we help our clients supercharge their lead generation.

& Integration

From building AI fuelled outreach systems to content creation, we help our clients supercharge their lead generation.

Simple monthly payments

All of our packages are subject to a discovery call with the team to identify if we can help you with your project, these prices are in GBP but we work with a global client base.

Flexible Pricing Plans

One subscription, unlimited possibilities.
Our pricing model is as clear and straightforward as it can get.
Pay a simple, flat monthly subscription fee and unlock unlimited access to our No Code software development solutions. No hidden charges, no additional fees. You are in full control of canceling or pausing your subscription at anytime.

Enjoy unlimited requests, revisions, and tasks. This means we won't stop working until you're 100% satisfied with our software solutions.

You can also experience the freedom of a simple, flat monthly subscription with unlimited access to our No Code software development solutions. No hidden fees, no long-term commitments. You're in control.

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Twined soltuions timeline
Dedicated developer | project manager
AI agents | AI bots
System automations

3 Months
(per month) minimum

Twined solutions timeline
Dedicated developer | project manager
AI agents | AI bots
System automations
Monthly AI workshop!

6 months
Per month Minimum

Twined solutions timeline
Dedicated developer | project manager
AI agents | AI bots
System automations
Monthly AI workshop! 


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build out a tailored solution
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Frequently Asked Questions

We thought we'd answer some questions we've had before for you!

What is Twined's approach to creating custom AI solutions?

Twined focuses on understanding the specific needs of your business, before designing and implementing bespoke AI solutions to enhance efficiency and productivity.

How do Twined's AI chatbots improve customer interactions?

Our AI chatbots offer immediate, 24/7 responses, handling customer queries efficiently, which improves customer experience and reduces support costs.

What kind of tasks can be automated using Twined's intelligent automation solutions?

Our solutions can automate a wide range of tasks, from data processing to customer service, reducing manual errors and saving valuable time.

How does Twined ensure seamless integration of their custom AI platforms with existing systems?

Twined designs AI platforms to naturally blend with your current infrastructure, causing minimal disruption while maximizing the benefits of AI integration.

What support does Twined offer post-implementation of their AI solutions?

Twined provides ongoing support to ensure the AI solutions continue to operate optimally and any potential issues are promptly addressed.

Who is Twined?

Twined was born out of the simple yet profound belief that meetings should empower rather than encumber. Frustrated by the disjointed nature of modern communication tools, we envisioned a solution that seamlessly integrates platforms, saving time, reducing complexity, and ultimately fostering more meaningful collaboration experiences




Average cost saving


Average time saving (hrs)

Final Words

Jon Jones is extremely active inside Twined, he is the main driving force behind the creative solutions.
Twined brings their clients.

They both have extensive experience in building solutions for business owners across a wide scope of industries.